• Financing the fight against climate change

    The Green Climate Fund is a crucial instrument for financing the fight against climate change and must lead to a shift in investment towards a low-carbon economy.

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  • From COP25 to COP26

    France is strongly mobilized on climate ambition and action.

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  • Preservation of rainforests

    Rainforests are the lungs of our planet. France is resolutely and concretely committed to the preservation of these biodiversity reserves through the Alliance for rainforests.

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  • Biodiversity

    Without biodiversity, there is no future for human beings: we have the power to act to stem the erosion of biodiversity.

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  • "One Planet Summit"

    On 12 December 2017 a climate summit, the "One Planet Summit", was hold in Paris. It aimed at bringing new tangible responses to the mobilization of the finance sector to fight against climate change.

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  • Paris Agreement

    Crucial actor in the swift ratification of the Paris Agreement, France has made combating climate change one of its diplomatic priorities.

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