2 May 2012 - Security Council - Sudan/South Sudan - Adoption of resolution 2046 - Explanation of vote by Mr. Martin Briens, Deputy Permanent representative of France to the United Nations

France welcomes the adoption of resolution 2046 (2012).

In the past few weeks, the African Union has done its utmost not only to prevent an escalation of the current conflict between the Sudan and South Sudan, but also to enable the rapid resumption of negotiations between the two States, under the auspices of President Mbeki, on issues of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that are still pending.

In that context, the African Union Peace and Security Council, meeting at the ministerial level, adopted a plan of action for the Sudan and South Sudan to emerge from the crisis that establishes clear deadlines. The African Union then turned to the Council to endorse the plan.

All Security Council members unanimously agreed that the Security Council had to respond to that request. Thanks to today’s vote, the action plan now has the authority of a Chapter VII resolution, as the African Union wanted.

With the resolution, the Security Council underscores that it expects the Sudan and South Sudan to immediately end hostilities, to set up a demilitarized zone along their common border, and to withdraw their troops from the disputed region of Abyei. The Sudan and South Sudan must rapidly return to the negotiating table so that outstanding issues of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement can be settled within three months.

As all Council members wanted, the resolution thus provides a clear way out of the crisis. It is now up to the Sudanese parties to immediately implement the demands of the Security Council.

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