22 February 2011 - Security Council - Timor-Leste - Statement by Mr. Martin Briens, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

(UN translation)

I wish to
thank Ms. Haq, the Special Representative of the
Secretary-General, for her briefing. I also welcome the
presence here of the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste,
Mr. Gusmão. Ms. Haq underscored that the situation in
Timor remains calm and continues to develop in the
right direction.

I would like to congratulate Prime Minister
Gusmão and, through him, the authorities and the
parliamentary opposition in his country, as well as its
civil society, all of whom confirm the political maturity
and solidity of their young institutions. The economic
and social progress we have seen, particularly in
poverty reduction, is the consequence of this new
stability, to the benefit of the Timorese people. What
we see in Timor today is a success story for the United
Nations and its ability to accompany a country on the
road to peace and stability.

However, the country’s recent history should not
encourage us to relax our attention or our efforts. From
that viewpoint, we are convinced that peace and
reconciliation will be achieved in Timor only if its
authorities show determination to fight impunity. It is
therefore essential that the Timorese State be able to
vouch, beyond the shadow of a doubt, for the integrity
of its police officers at the moment when they are
about to resume all their responsibilities. We expect,
therefore, that Timorese justice will continue to
prosecute those guilty of committing serious crimes
during the events of 2006. Like the Special
Representative, we note with concern the decision to
certify 199 police officers despite the criminal and
disciplinary procedures that are under way, some of
them very serious.

We hope that we will soon see the prompt
completion of the parliamentary deliberations on the
laws on reparations, as well as on the follow-on
institution to the Commission for Reception, Truth and
Reconciliation and the Commission of Truth and

We trust the Special Representative to lead the
United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste
(UNMIT) throughout the period that will encompass
the full transfer of powers to the Timorese police, the
2012 elections and the withdrawal of the Mission. The
goals, I think, are clear. First, it must ensure that the
numbers and qualifications of UNMIT staff correspond
to the Mission’s new tasks and to the situation on the
ground. Secondly, the Mission must contribute to the
success of the 2012 elections, the responsibility for
which will belong to the Timorese themselves. Thirdly,
UNMIT must prepare for the Mission’s withdrawal
after those elections, under the best conditions

We hope that the next report of the Secretary-
General and the renewal of the Mission’s mandate in
February 2012 will afford the opportunity to define —
together, of course, with the authorities of Timor-Leste —
the kind of presence that the United Nations will maintain
there after UNMIT leaves. Its departure will be proof not
of lack of interest on the part of the international
community, but of the trust we have in this country’s
capacity to take charge of its destiny.

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