22 February 2012 - Security Council - Somalia/AMISOM - Explanation of vote by Mr Gérard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

( UN translation )

The situation in Somalia is worrisome and demands the international community’s priority attention. This is why we voted in favour of resolution 2036 (2012) today. We hope that it will contribute to the success of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). We pay tribute to its personnel, who are carrying out a difficult and critical task on the ground.

The adoption of resolution 2036 (2012) bears witness to the commitment of the international community and should lead Somalis to take up their responsibilities so as to resolve the crisis in their country. That will require the development of a sound political strategy and effective administration in the liberated zones of the country. We hope that the London conference on Somalia will allow for progress in that respect.

We must also encourage the development of the Somali security forces. The European Union is making significant contributions to that end and preparing to strengthen its support to the maritime and legal capacities of Somalia and the other countries of the region. Others should contribute to that effort. Finally, the Somali authorities must be fully committed to combating piracy, including on the legal front.

I stress the importance of the financial support to AMISOM that is provided by the European Union, which is financing personnel to the tune of some €130 million. Obviously, the European Union, whose members already contribute more than 40 per cent of the budgets of United Nations peacekeeping operations, cannot alone assume the entire financial burden for the implementation of the decision taken today by the Council. That would be taxing the European Union twofold. We therefore call for new donors to commit financially to the funding of AMISOM.

In conclusion, I recall the need for strategic consideration of the future of peacekeeping operations in general. Increasing troop levels alone cannot guarantee the success of such missions. We must also ensure that costs are controlled in an Organization where five countries cover more than 60 per cent of the budget of peacekeeping operations. In the context of a global financial crisis, this is a limitation that the Secretariat and all relevant players must take more fully into account. We shall continue to accord great attention to that issue.

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