3 October 2012 - Security Council - Haiti - Statement by Mr Gérard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

At the
outset, allow me to congratulate your country on
assuming the presidency of the Council. I thank the
Special Representative of the Secretary-General for
Haiti, Mr. Mariano Fernández Amunátegui, for his

I would like to associate myself with the statement
to be made later by the observer of the European Union,
as well as that to be delivered by the representative of
Uruguay on behalf of the Group of Friends.
Since our last meeting in March (see S/PV.6732),
undeniable progress has been made in Haiti, on the
political and institutional fronts first and foremost.
I will not list the measures taken by the Haitian
Government, as others before me have already done so.
The political and institutional stability of the country
has been strengthened.

With regard to security, the Secretary-General has
recalled that the situation is calm but precarious. Crime
remains a problem, particularly in Port-au-Prince, but
no more so than it is in other countries of the region.
The Haitian National Police has demonstrated its
ability to undertake comprehensive operations with the
support of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in

With regard to the humanitarian issues and
reconstruction, the decrease in the number of internally
displaced persons, the clearing up of the earthquake
damage and the progress with regard to health and
education should be noted. After a downturn in the
gross national product, Haiti has once again found the
path towards growth. However, the country continues
to face humanitarian challenges, with 390,000 people
living in refugee camps and a cholera epidemic that has
not yet been stemmed.

Allow me to mention three of the challenges
that remain. The swift holding of local and partial
legislative elections is essential, as those elections
have been delayed for too long, as Mr. Fernández
Amunátegui noted. To that end, a Permanent Electoral
Council, based on consensus and in line with the spirit
of the Constitution, must be established. We call upon
all the political stakeholders concerned in Haiti to work
towards that objective. France stands ready to provide
its support, in particular through MINUSTAH, for the
holding of free, credible and transparent elections.
The Haitian National Police is not yet able to
independently guarantee security and stability in
Haiti. We noted the objectives presented by the Haitian
authorities for the period 2012 to 2016, including the
goal of increasing the number of police officers from
10,000 to 15,000. We stand ready to back those efforts,
which must not only be quantitative, but which must also
strengthen the administrative and training capacities,
as well as the integrity and the image of the police. The
State’s budget must ref lect that priority.

Aid for rebuilding must continue. The eradication
of cholera deserves an appropriate response. France
stands ready to uphold its financial commitments
made by the President of the Republic, which amount
to €326 million. We welcome the new framework for
aid coordination that was announced by Prime Minister
Lamothe last week in New York. Haiti cannot depend
on international solidarity alone for its development,
which is why we support President Martelly’s efforts to
make Haiti more attractive to foreign investors.

The situation is changing and it is only natural
that the United Nations presence on the ground does
the same. We stand ready to extend MINUSTAH’s
mandate. We must continue the drawdown of troop
levels, because the levels present today are no longer in
line with the needs of the country two and a half years
after the earthquake. The priority, more than ever,
should be national ownership through the strengthening
of the rule of law and the principal tools, such as the
Haitian National Police and the judiciary.
We must also provide the Mission with a credible
time frame. We are not abandoning Haiti, but we must
be clear to Haitians with regard to what is achievable in
a reasonable period.

We therefore support the current discussions
between the Mission and the Secretariat on a five-year
consolidation plan.

I would like to end by commending the work of
the police, troops and civilians of MINUSTAH, who
have been contributing to the maintenance of stability
in Haiti for eight years. I would also like to thank the
Special Representative of the Secretary-General for his
work at the Head of the Mission and his vision of what
must be achieved in Haiti.

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