5 November 2013 - General Assembly - First Committee - Explanation of vote by Mr Jean-Hugues Simon-Michel, Ambassador and French Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament, on behalf of France and the United Kingdom

Resolution: "Observance of environmental norms in the drafting and implementation of agreements on disarmament and arms control"

Mr. Chairman,

I would like to deliver the following explanation of position on behalf of the United Kingdom and France, who joined the consensus on the resolution L.14 «Observance of Environmental Norms in the Drafting and Implementation of Agreements on Disarmament and Arms Control».

Mr. Chairman,

We wish to make clear that the United Kingdom and France operate under stringent domestic environmental impact regulations for many activities, including the implementation of arms control and disarmament agreements. We see no direct connection, as stated in this resolution, between general environmental standards and multilateral arms control.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.

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