6 June 2011 - Security Council - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia - Statement by Mrs Béatrice Le Fraper, Counsellor for Legal Issues of the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations

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I would like to begin by thanking the Presidents and Prosecutors of the International Criminal Tribunals for their biannual reports.

This Council debate takes place, of course, at an historic moment, as Ratko Mladić — one of those allegedly responsible for the Srebrenica genocide — has just made his initial appearance before the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. On 25 May, Mr. Alain Juppé, Minister for Foreign Affairs of France, said of that arrest: "My thoughts go first to the families of the victims. This arrest brings to a close 16 years of impunity. It will finally make it possible for justice to be done and will contribute the reconciliation of the Western Balkans, which France continuously calls for."

The Security Council also expressed its satisfaction in its statement to the press of 27 May. In that statement, we highlighted the commitment of President Tadić regarding the arrest of the fugitive Goran Hadžić.

We would also like to highlight the statements made by the Prosecutor about cooperation of the States of the region.

The European Union and France closely follow the Prosecutor’s reports on the issue of cooperation, which is a key element for accession to the European Union.

When it comes to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, I welcome the new President of the Tribunal, Judge Khan, and wish her the greatest success in her work and in the exercise of her mandate. Together with Prosecutor Jallow, she has provided a detailed picture of the Tribunal’s current situation. Of course, the arrest of Bernard Munyagishari in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is an important event. The Security Council noted this in its remarks to the press also on 27 May.

But nine accused remain at large, including three high-ranking fugitives: Félicien Kabuga, Augustin Bizimana and Protais Mpiranya. We hope there will be swift progress in the case of Protais Mpiranya, whose name is continuously mentioned, including in the context of the current violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe. We note that the Prosecutor is awaiting information from Kenya regarding the case of Félicien Kabuga, and it is our hope, as it is his, that the Kenyan authorities will be able to demonstrate their diligence by promptly arresting Félicien Kabuga.

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