7th of June: a blue economy for a blue planet [fr]

Transitioning to a Blue Economy - Ocean Conference side event - United Nations headquarters - 7 June 2017, 11:00-12:30


France, the United Nations Environment Program and the Seychelles will be co-chairing a side event on transition to a Blue economy

For the first time, the United Nations hold an international conference on ocean. Representatives from Member States and maritime sectors from all over the world will gather in New York with one objective: saving our ocean.

France, UNEP and the Seychelles are organizing a side event dedicated to the transition to a Blue Economy.

Oceans and coastal areas are essential to our survival and well-being. They host
ecosystems that are rich, fragile and largely unexplored, and provide many benefits to
society. However, marine ecosystems are under increasing pressure because of climate change, the needs and impacts of expanding human populations, resource use and other activities. Ocean-based industries contribute roughly US$1.5 trillion to the global economy, with fisheries and aquaculture supporting the livelihoods of 12 per cent of the global population.

Current economic practices and policies primarily follow conventional development models that result in higher emissions, the depletion of natural resources, growing ecological deficits and the externalization of social and environmental impacts. A long-term strategy is required to support sustainable economic growth through oceanrelated sectors and activities, while at the same time improving human well-being and social equity and preserving the environment. Tourism, maritime transport, aquaculture and fisheries, the extraction of non-living resources, and energy generation must evolve toward sustainable trajectories.

The transition to a blue economy entails inclusive development within the limits of what natural ecosystems can provide while reducing loss and waste, diminishing the carbon footprint of the marine sector and delivering improved livelihoods and decent work. In order for this transition to succeed, the conditions that enable a blue economy and the pathways for its development need to be identified while leveraging partnerships at multiple levels. Success will require the mobilization of science and technology and the reform of governance, as well as innovative financing to empower change.

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