Missile launched by North Korea : France calls for a firm and immediate reaction

North Korea - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 13 February 2017

It is a very important meeting and I have 3 points with respect to the launch of a missile by North Korea this week-end:

  • Number one, this is a clear and grave new violation of the Security Council resolutions, including resolutions 2270 and 2321;
  • Number two, it’s clearly a threat to regional and international peace and security;
  • And number three, it’s again a key challenge to the non-proliferation regime.

This new missile launch by North Korea is an expression of a sustained, methodic effort by the regime to develop a nuclear military program and the ways to deliver the corresponding weapons. And this program is one of the key challenges to the non-proliferation regime that we, the international community, patiently built over the last decades.

So this is not something we can accept. Not only France has condemned this launch but we have reaffirmed our solidarity with our partners in the Asia-Pacific region. We have called for a firm and immediate reaction from the international community and from the Security Council in particular.

This is why we very much welcome this meeting and the press statement that was proposed by our friends. It is crucial that the Security Council remains united and strong on this. If there is one issue on which the Security Council must remain united and strong, this is this one; because it is not only about North Korea, which is very important, but it is on the future of the non-proliferation regime, which we the international community patiently built over the last decade and which is the backbone of international peace and security. When it comes to the risk of proliferation, which is an existential threat, weakness is simply not an option.

It’s also very important that all Member states continue to implement fully the measures adopted by the Security Council in its latest resolutions. It is also a message I wanted to pass on to you. And it also implies on the European side working towards additional EU measures.

Q: Is that enough? Does more have to be done?

By definition.

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