19 December 2016 - A fragile glimmer of hope for Aleppo


Remarks to the press by François Delattre,
Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
Following the adoption of the Security Council Resolution on Aleppo

19 December 2016

We welcome the unanimous adoption of resolution 2328. This is, in the most terrible context of Aleppo, a belated and fragile glimmer of hope. First and foremost to save lives. This Resolution is a starting point. We will be extremely vigilant about the strict and speedy implementation of this resolution.

As I told you yesterday, this resolution contains our three key demands:
- Safe evacuation in accordance with international humanitarian law and principles, number one;
- Immediate and unconditional access of humanitarian assistance, number two;
- And protection of medical facilities and personnel, number three.

So that’s the first point: the three key demands that we had. And now again we have to be extremely strict and vigilant for the implementation.

Number two, we now have the basis that must allow us together to avoid new mass atrocities in Aleppo. The goal is to avoid a new Srebrenica - to avoid new mass atrocities by the forces on the ground and the militias in particular. And of course it’s vital.

And number three, now that we have this fragile basis, we must work hard to create the conditions for a negotiated settlement because we all know that the only way out of the Syrian crisis will be a political settlement.

Ambassador, did the Humanitarian Officer in the Secretariat give you any idea when the observers will arrive to Aleppo?

That’s a very important point. As you can imagine we are in close contact, and have been for a while, with OCHA in particular, Stephen O’Brien and his team. And I want to commend the commitment of OCHA, the ICRC, the SARC and the NGOs on the ground. They do a remarkable job, in the most difficult circumstances. OCHA told us that the UN system is ready vis à vis our resolution to start its implementation without any delay. And this is the most important - speedy and strict implementation.

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