Against Daesh, our collective determination is crucial

Daesh/Sahel/North Korea - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 8 June 2017

This meeting is unfortunately very timely, just after the attacks yesterday in Teheran and Sunday in London perpetrated by Daesh. As you know, France paid a high toll in London with 3 of our nationals killed. So the terrorist attacks in London, in Teheran, in Manchester by Daesh remind us that we are all facing the same threat. There are no boundaries to terrorism. And the only thing that matters today is our collective determination in this fight. For France, as underscored by President Macron, this is our number ONE priority.

With respect to the international community and the Security Council, there is no place for disunion. You remember resolution 2249 adopted under French leadership one week after the Paris attacks in November 2015. This landmark resolution clearly underlined the fact that Daesh represents an unprecedented threat to international peace and security. Now more than ever, it is crucial that the international community keep up its efforts on all fronts, in order to move ahead with the eradication of Daesh.
So the key words here are “determination”, “collective” and “unity”.

In this regard, and this is also an important message, France is taking its responsibility and has proposed to the Council a draft resolution to authorize the G5 Sahel force to combat terrorists groups in the Sahel region. The African Union and the Secretary-General have asked the Council to authorize the G5 Sahel force. You know that our African friends are on the front lines and are paying a high price in this fight. Their soldiers but also their population are victims of terrorism. We are very encouraged so far by the very large support to our draft resolution, especially from our African friends. It is important that the Security Council gets united behind this draft. Again, on terrorism, there is no place for disunion. So we cannot imagine that the Council doesn’t bring his full support behind our draft.

Q: Any comment on the latest North Korean launches?

A: We have condemned the launches and we remain determined to move ahead with our partners at the Security Council.

Q: You talked about the importance of unity and try to fight terrorism, what is France doing to try to help the members of the GCC and other countries to mend their diplomatic row?

A: This is of course a source of concern. President Macron has had a wide range of phone conversations with the leaders of the region to promote dialogue.

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