9 August 2016 - We are seeing a dangerous military escalation

Syria, South Sudan - Statement to the press by M. Alexis Lamek, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, chargé d’affaires a.i. - 9 August 2016

Q: What are you hoping to hear today?

Well, we have another meeting on Syria today. What we are seeing is a dangerous military escalation, which is the consequence, the result of these brutal attacks launched by the regime and its allies in particular against Aleppo. As I said yesterday during the Arria formula meeting, Aleppo could become the graveyard of the Vienna process. And the regime bears primary responsibility for this failed political process. I remind you that August 1st was supposed to be the deadline for the implementation for the establishment of the transitional authority. And the reason why this process has failed is because the regime has violated Security Council resolutions, has violated international humanitarian law, and basic humanitarian principles. So, what is required now, is for all these commitments that we have taken together, collectively, to be finally fully implemented, and for us to allow the resumption of genuine talks towards a political transition. And this requires first of all the restoration of the cessation of hostilities. It requires the lifting of all the siege, and of course full, rapid, and unhindered humanitarian access.

Q: We heard a lot of outrage from the Council yesterday and will probably again today. Concretely, what can you do?

You know, within the Security Council there are a number of countries which have an influence on the regime, and they have to deliver on the commitments that they have taken, that we have taken collectively. They are a part of these commitments, and it is in their role to make sure that the regime also delivers and sticks to the commitments that we have collectively taken.

Q: On South Sudan, how are the negotiations coming on the resolution?

We are currently discussing. We have seen a draft resolution distributed by the Americans. There are many questions raised. Of course, there is clearly a sense of urgency which is shared by all members of the Council, but we’re still discussing. I think we have until the end of the week to find a solution.

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