Aleppo is an incubator for terrorism

Syria - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 17 October 2016

The situation in Aleppo is worsening literally day after day. Again, during the weekend, 50 individuals, including many children, were killed in Eastern Aleppo by the bombs of the Syrian regime and its allies.

Now the starving and the siege of Aleppo have brought an international outcry. I believe the French-Spanish resolution, backed by an overwhelming majority at the Security Council on 8 October, has contributed to this growing political pressure that we need to put on the regime but also on its allies. Actually France and its partners are determined to keep up the pressure and increase it on the regime and its allies. This is exactly what we want in order to transform this political pressure into action to stop the bloodshed in Aleppo.

While the decisive battle against ISIS to retake Mosul is underway, putting an end to the siege of Aleppo is more urgent than ever. Why? Because the barrage of fire targeting civilians in Aleppo is both a humanitarian tragedy and a gift for the terrorists. Let’s call a spade a spade, Aleppo is an incubator for terrorism, a breeding ground for terrorism. We cannot buy on this the narrative of our Russian colleagues: that is simply not true. What the regime and Moscow are fighting in Aleppo is not terrorism, they are fueling terrorism and then we, in France and elsewhere, pay the price.

So to lift the siege of Aleppo is a humanitarian priority but also a national security priority for France. Our core values as well as our interest are at stake here. So make no mistake about it, we will not give up.

Q: What about the General Assembly? Are you preparing for something?

Everything that contributes to increasing the political pressure on the regime and its allies is welcome.

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