Alliance for Multilateralism – Building the Network and Presenting Results [fr]

Alliance for Multilateralism – Building the Network and Presenting Results
Side-event at UNGA74 – 26 September 2019

Statement by the Co-Chairs

At a time when key principles of the rules-based international order and essential instruments of international cooperation are challenged, the Alliance for Multilateralism aims at bringing together those who believe that strong and effective multilateral cooperation, based on the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, international law and justice, are indispensable foundations to secure peace, stability and prosperity and who want to join hands to act along this endeavour. We confirm our conviction that the major challenges of our time, by their nature and global scope, cannot be addressed by countries separately but must be tackled jointly – and that such a rules-based multilateral cooperation is also a key guarantee for the sovereign equality of states as epitomized in the United Nations General Assembly.

The Alliance for Multilateralism concentrates in particular on the three following streams of action:
-  To protect preserve and advance international law, including internationally agreed norms, agreements and institutions, including through political initiatives, budget contributions, the provision of capabilities and expertise;
-  To drive strong initiatives where there is the need to further develop and thereby strengthen the multilateral system, in particular where governance is absent or insufficient;
-  To reform and to modernize existing international institutions, in order to make them more inclusive, representative, democratic, transparent, accountable and more effective in their functioning as well as capacity to deliver tangible results to citizens.

Participation and membership.
The Alliance supports a universal and effective multilateral order. It is an invitation, open to every state that shares this endeavor and is committed to contributing to the rules-based international order and multilateral cooperation, based on the rule of law, on the UN Charter and international law.

The Alliance is not a formal institution, but a network allowing for the constitution of flexible issue-based coalitions formed around specific projects and policy outcomes. Engagement in a specific initiative does not entail automatic participation in other initiatives pursued in the framework of the Alliance. Participation in the Alliance remains open to all who share its vision.

Principles of action.
The Alliance revolves around concrete initiatives to reach its objectives and facilitates results-based partnerships.
The Alliance will advance the multilateral agenda in full respect of the vital role of the United Nations, in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and international law.
Partners in the Alliance are committed to acting as driving forces to protect, develop and adapt the rules-based international order based on the rule of law.
The Alliance will adopt a multi-stakeholder approach and reach out to all members of the international community, international organizations, regional institutions and other relevant actors, as essential and active partners.
Participants to the Alliance will continue to work together to take and support initiatives that feed into the three streams of action referred to above, and organize further meetings to pursue and broaden their collective efforts.

The event was co-hosted by France, Germany, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Mexico and Singapore

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