18 April 2016 - Signing of the Paris Agreement

The highlights of COP President Ségolène Royal’s schedule


The highlights of COP President Ségolène Royal’s schedule

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

10:00-11:30 : African Union High-Level Forum
COP President Ségolène Royal will speak at the opening of the African Union Forum. She will address the role of women in combating climate change.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

15:00-16:30 : Conference on “The Ocean, a Solution for Climate Change and Sustainable Development”
COP21 held a session on implementing both the Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against climate change, at which Ségolène Royal made the case for the inclusion of ocean-related issues, now part of the Paris Agreement. This engagement drove the adoption of the “Because the Ocean” call.
France is holding a conference alongside Sustainable Development Goals Day to take forward the main areas for action defined at the COP : marine protected areas, coastline protection, development of renewable marine power and biodiversity protection (strengthening ocean balances with coastal town wastewater treatment and a plan for water quality renewal in the Mediterranean). Find out more.

Friday, 22 April 2016

08:30 : Opening of the Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony at United Nations Headquarters, in the presence of President of the French Republic François Hollande, with a video message from COP President Ségolène Royal. Find out more about the ceremony.

11:30-12:30 : International Solar Alliance Event
This is one of the flagship coalitions launched by India and France in Paris on 30 November 2015 as part of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) (find out more). The Alliance is made up of 80 countries working to facilitate the development of solar power in more than 120 high-solar-potential countries by means of investment, technology transfers and R&D.
The meeting, co-chaired by COP President Ségolène Royal and Indian Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy Minister Piyush Goyal, is expected to take forward work on two important issues :

- The operational programme on financing and the reduction in the capital cost required to finance facilities.
- The decentralised solar applications (installation of units suited to local needs).

15:00-18:00 : Climate Action Event
This event co-chaired by COP President Ségolène Royal and UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres will demonstrate that action on the ground is continuing and scaling up, that all the economic, social and political forces are on the move, and that the economic and societal transformation is now irreversible.
Following introductory remarks by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, COP President and IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee, high-level speakers will address the following subjects :

- Virtuous circles of ambition,
- Access to sustainable energy, especially in Africa, and
- Resilience focusing on water management and coastal protection matters.

18:00 : Closure of the Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and COP President Ségolène Royal.

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