CAR: it is about strengthening MINUSCA’s capacities

CAR - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 27 July 2017

Q: Are you doing an AOB on CAR? What is it ? A briefing?

Yes, we have asked the Chinese presidency to convene a meeting on Central African Republic where we will hear from the head of DPKO, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, on the recent events that are very worrying (...). In addition to the Council statements strongly condemning the recent attacks, the Security Council’s commitment is very important to:
- Number one: boost the political process, that needs to be boosted. We have to make sure that the militias stop impeding its development.
- Number two: to strengthen MINUSCA’s capacities. And after the recent attacks in Bangassou and other places, it is really important that the MINSUCA have all the means it needs to be able to react but also to support the political process.
- And number three: it is about supporting the key role of the African Union and other regional players.

Q: How do you want to strengthen the mandate: with a new resolution, by adding troops?

On MINSUCA, it is about strengthening, within the existing mandate, the means and capacities of the force, whose role we completely support. They are doing an excellent job and need more capacities to fulfill the mandate.

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