CAR: sanctions support the political process [fr]

Renewal of the sanctions regime on CAR - Explanation of vote by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 27 January 2017

France welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2339 (2017), which renews the sanctions regime, or rather the restrictive measures, against the Central African Republic and in support of the political process in that country. This renewal was justified even though the situation in the Central African Republic is stabilizing progressively, even though the capital, Bangui, is today in general peaceful and even though the President-elect — supported by his Government — is at work. We know that the overall situation remains precarious. That is why there is a need for the renewed, unanimous support of the international community through the Security Council.

Armed groups are fighting one another and maintaining a high level of violence. Many of them take advantage of the weaknesses in the justice system to continue their criminal activities, and some have not given up the hope of spoiling the political and reconciliation processes in an attempt to drive the Central African Republic back into crisis. The resolution renews the same sanctions measures, which include an arms embargo, a travel ban and an assets freeze. However, it changes the designation criteria. Sexual violence is now fully recognized, which makes it possible to increase the visibility of such crimes and to send a strong message.

The resolution also seeks to strengthen the application of the travel ban, as Member States are encouraged to step up collaboration with airlines in order to identify individuals subject to travel ban. It also requests Central African Republic authorities to strengthen oversight over Central African Republic passports to ensure that expired or outdated passports are not used for prohibited travel. And, finally, the resolution paves the way for the development of criteria aimed at adjusting the arms embargo at the appropriate time, based on the developments on the ground. However, given the current situation and the flow of weapons in the country, such changes must be considered carefully.

The position of France is that the restrictive measures should support a political process and change in accordance with the situation on the ground. We are also sending the message to the Central African Republic authorities that the arms embargo could be modified in due course, in particular in accordance with progress made in the area of security sector reform. This message is important to our follow-up action in the Central African Republic.

I would once again like to welcome the unanimous adoption of the resolution, which bears witness to the firm and unanimous commitment of the Security Council to support the political and reconciliation processes in that country, and in support as well as of the progress made daily thanks to the efforts of the people and the Government of the Central African Republic. This is a very clear signal to those who would undermine the ongoing political process, which the entire international community is watching.

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