Central African Republic: a milestone resolution

JIM/Lebanon/ Central African Republic - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 15 Novembre 2017


On the JIM, as you know, we fully support the American text, no doubt about it. We also think that until the last minute there is hope, because the stakes are simply too important. And so what we want is to make sure that no stone is left unturned in our common efforts to try to find an agreement and to renew the JIM. This is France’s position: support the American draft, and at the same time common efforts to leave no stone unturned and not give up in terms of our efforts to find a way to renew the JIM in good terms. Make no mistake about it : what is at stake is the very future of the chemical non-proliferation regime. The stakes cannot be higher. That’s why there should be no room whatsoever for political gains or games.

Q: When would the vote happen?

You should ask our American friends on that.

Q : On Lebanon and the Security Council

It is a bit early to say. As you know France has been very active from the beginning, with President Macron and Foreign Minister Le Drian multiplying contacts with the Lebanese authorities themselves, Saudi Arabia and the other key players. Our Ambassador in Riyad also paid a visit to Prime Minister Hariri. So here we are: hopefully we will know more about the perspectives in the coming days.

Q: Are you going to ask a meeting on Lebanon?

Again, on Lebanon, where we are now is in the process of the multiplication of bilateral channels, in which France is particularly active. And depending on the result of these consultations, we will see what to do here in New York. It is a bit early to say at this stage.

Q: Ambassador, on Central African Republic? How were you able to persuade the Americans to back the troop increase? Because it goes against their stand so far?

In a nutshell, what is at stake here actually is two things:

First of all, the Security Council cannot let CAR endure once again a crisis as dramatic as the one it has known in 2012-2014. And at the same time this is about putting the full weight of the Security Council behind the efforts to stop the spiral of violence and recreate a positive momentum in CAR.

In this spirit, this resolution will not only reinforce MINUSCA with 900 additional blue helmets so that it can protect civilians more effectively, but it will also reinforce its role in the peace and reconciliation process which is the only possible path toward a sustainable peace in CAR. There are the two goals I was referring to: to break the spiral of violence, but also to reopen a positive momentum in CAR. And our American friends, based on the pragmatic discussions that we had, based on a common assessment of the situation on the ground, have been very supportive. I think it is a good illustration of the fact that with our American friends, the more the discussion are based on a pragmatic approach, about life and death issues, about effects on the ground, the better. And in this case I believe, thanks to a large extent to the trust and understanding that we have reached with our American friends, we have concluded a good agreement with a coherent strategy. And the resolution that we are about to adopt is very important, it is a milestone resolution.

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