Central African Republic: increase MINUSCA capacities [fr]

Central African Republic/Joint Investigative Mechanism/Democratic Republic of the Congo - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 6 November 2017

(in French and in English)

Nous allons avoir dans quelques minutes des consultations importantes sur la RCA, dans le contexte que vous connaissez, celui d’une situation délicate avec une montée préoccupante des violences et un lourd tribut payé par les populations civiles mais aussi les Casques bleus et les travailleurs humanitaires.

C’est pourquoi il est aujourd’hui de la responsabilité du Conseil de sécurité de peser de tout son poids pour enrayer cette spirale de violences et récréer une dynamique positive en République Centrafricaine. La MINUSCA a montré qu’elle pouvait agir de manière proactive et robuste pour protéger les civils, comme lors de l’opération Bocaranga début octobre. Il faut donc donner les moyens nécessaires à la MINUSCA pour qu’elle remplisse son mandat avec plus de moyens d’action. C’est pourquoi nous soutenons l’augmentation du plafond de troupes de la MINUSCA comme proposé par le Secrétaire général, Antonio Guterres. Il faudra aussi commencer à préparer le redéploiement des forces armées centrafricaines formées par l’Union européenne dans le pays et accélérer la mise en œuvre de la feuille de route politique car c’est la seule voie possible pour une sortie durable de la crise.

One word on CAR, because it is really a key priority for us, in the context that we all know with increased violence and a very worrying situation. We all know that many armed groups are responsible for this increasing violence and fighting, especially in the South Eastern part and the North Western part of the country. They try to undermine the central government; they try to undermine MINUSCA also.

So what we need today, in our views, is to increase MINUSCA capacities so that it can react with robustness and protect civilians as it did early October with operation Bocaranga. We therefore support the increase of troops as proposed by the Secretary-General. We also need to work on the redeployment of CAR armed forces trained by the EU within the country. And we need to boost the political road map which is the key to a lasting solution in the crisis. These are our three key priorities in CAR.

On the JIM, we fully support the JIM and the conclusions of its latest report, based on a rigorous, professional and independent work. Number one.
Number two, we therefore consider its renewal as a key strategic priority. The American draft is a very good text in this respect.
Number three, the renewal of the JIM is about the fundamentals of non-proliferation. So there should be no room whatsoever for short-term political or tactical games. Make no mistake about it : weakening the JIM would be playing with fire, because it would seriously undermine the whole chemical non-proliferation regime.

Q: On Congo’s elections not until December?

On this, the Spokesperson of the French Foreign Ministry has reacted this morning and I have nothing to add to what she said about the latest developments on DRC. We follow the situation very carefully.

Q: As the penholder, would you be suggesting that the Security Council endorses this timetable?

What we strongly push for is the full respect of 31 December Agreement among the parties in DRC. So we are assessing the latest announcement and you can count on us as “pen” on DRC to remain very active on this issue and to push very hard for the respect of 31 December Agreement.

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