DRC/MONUSCO: Three key messages

Remarks to the press by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Tuesday 11 July 2017

Q: Are you planning to propose a statement on DRC or anything?

We will see, we will have some consultations in a few minutes and I will say a few words publicly in the Chamber. 3 key messages on our side :

The first is that, we as France are very worried by the many delays in the implementation of the December 31st Agreement. This Agreement, if we put things into perspective, remains the only credible way out of the crisis. The DRC authorities need to show, with concrete measures, their commitment to this Agreement. The priority goes to the organization of the elections in 6 months. And there is no time to waste. Actually this is the key message.

The second message is that we are also extremely worried about the level of violence in the country and in the Kasaï region in particular, which is unbearable. The civilian population is paying a heavy price that goes up and up. The militias need to lay down their arms and the authorities need to act to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. There is no time to waste here, again. This includes fighting against the impunity of violence perpetrators from all sides. And cooperating fully with the international experts recently mandated by the Human Rights Council is crucial in that matter. This is one of our key priorities, to answer the second concern, which is the increased level of violence, in the Kasai in particular.

The third message, with respect to MONUSCO, is that MONUSCO has a revised mandate since March to act with 2 key priorities in mind: the protection of civilians and the support to the implementation of the December 31 agreement, with respect of the preparation of the elections in particular. The MONUSCO is equipped to play its part; but the DRC authorities need to do theirs too.

So, these are the three key messages, converging messages that I wanted to express and that I hope my colleagues will pass along with me.

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