DRC : a message of strong support to MONUSCO

Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 9 January 2018

We are about to have an important consultations on MONUSCO and DRC and in this respect I’d like to mention the three messages that I will underscore publicly in a few minutes:

- In a nutshell, my first message is a message of firm condemnation of the violences committed by the security forces during the December 31st demonstrations in DRC, which as you know caused several victims. We call DRC authorities to shed all light on these violences and to bring their perpetrators to justice.

- My second message is a call for the effective implementation of the electoral calendar published in November 5th respecting the consensus that prevailed in the December 31st agreement of 2016. L’accord de la Saint-Sylvestre, the New Year’s Eve agreement of 2016, is more than ever the cornerstone of the political process in DRC and it must be implemented urgently, with the necessary confidence-building measures that go with it. That’s number two.

- And number three, a message of strong support to MONUSCO, which is adjusting to the new mandate that we voted last year given the very worrying security and humanitarian situation. The latest attacks against MONUSCO are a stark reminder that MONUSCO needs again more than ever our support to fulfill its mandate.

These are in a nutshell the key points I will underscore publicly in a minute - the overall message is a message of extreme vigilance and a call to all of us to come together so that the Accord de la Saint-Sylvestre, the Saint-Sylvestre Political agreement, be applied effectively and by all the parties.

Q: Do you expect the Council to agree on a statement?

We think it would be appropriate, yes, for the Security Council, given the circumstances that I just reminded, to express itself through a press statement and we are working on it.

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