Daech: intolerable and ineradicable crimes [fr]

Security Council - Adoption of the resolution 2379 on the fight against impunity of Daech’s crimes in Iraq - Speech by Mr. Jean-Baptiste LEMOYNE, Secreatry of State of the Minister of European and Foreign Affairs - New York, 21 September 2017

"Justice and the rule of law are a corollary of lasting peace and stability in Iraq [...] That is needed if Da’esh is to be fully defeated." M. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne


I would like to thank the Ethiopian presidency for giving the Security Council this opportunity to reaffirm its determination to fight terrorism and support the Iraqi people and authorities on their path to peace, stability and unity. And I would like to welcome the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iraq, who is here with us this morning.

On Tuesday, in his address to the General Assembly (see A/72/PV.4), President Emmanuel Macron brought up the subject of the duty we have to speak for those who go unheard and whose voices are forgotten. For example, we have all heard the voice of Nadia Murad, the Yazidi victim who is seeking justice through the establishment of an investigation mechanism, and I would like to thank those who made sure that we heard her voice in the Assembly (see A/71/PV.3)

Eradicating Da’esh and stabilizing Iraq are major priorities for France, which will continue to support the reconstruction of Iraq with the goal of achieving a lasting peace that can reconcile every element of Iraqi society, as Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, committed to in Baghdad.

The Council’s unanimous adoption today of resolution 2379 (2017), proposed by the United Kingdom in response to a request from the Iraqi Prime Minister, will enable the United Nations to support the Iraqi authorities in collecting evidence of serious crimes committed by Da’esh through the deployment of an investigative team. Such crimes are intolerable and ineradicable, and the proof of that must not be erased with the passing of time. Nor must they go unpunished. We owe that to the far too high number of victims of this terrorist organization in Iraq.

We welcome today’s resolution, which represents a concrete contribution to justice on the part of the Security Council. It is a major first step and a sign that the consolidation of the rule of law in Iraq is under way, with France’s full support. In that regard, France reiterates its support to the Iraqi Government in combating impunity for any crime, whoever commits it, within a framework of independent and impartial judicial institutions and with all the necessary
procedural safeguards for human rights.

The Council is aware of France’s commitment to respect for human rights and its unconditional rejection of the death penalty. It will be essential to ensure that the evidence collected by the United Nations investigative team is used in procedures that conform to those requirements, in accordance with United Nations practices. Those requirements should be reflected in the investigative team’s terms of reference, and we urge it to work in close coordination with the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, the relevant international criminal justice mechanisms and the competent national jurisdictions.

Justice and the rule of law are a corollary of lasting peace and stability in Iraq. This new chapter in Iraq will be possible only with the resolute commitment of all to work together on issues of governance and national reconciliation so as to ensure that everyone has a place in the Iraq of tomorrow. That is needed if Da’esh is to be fully defeated, and until that long-awaited moment, today’s vote is a useful and valuable symbol.

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