Eastern Ghouta is under a barrage of fire against civilians

Syria - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 22 February 2018

We are going to see how the first meeting goes, our determination is very strong to get the resolution adopted. The sooner the better, because the situation in Syria and in Eastern Ghouta simply can’t wait. So, there is a sense of urgency that is truly maximum as we speak and that’s why France is totally determined and committed.

Q: Sur la possibilité d’une adoption de cette résolution ? Un veto russe ?

Nous pensons que nous avons un bon texte, qui est solide, I think we have a good text that is solid, that contains the tool box we need to move ahead and to help stop the tragedy in Syria and Eastern Ghouta - the alternative being that this tragedy not only continues but also increases and enlarges.

Q: Foreign Minister Lavrov has made remarks this morning about possible amendments to the resolution adding more terrorists groups to the list that would not be subject to the truce. Do you think any of that could be acceptable?

Again we will meet, we will look at the proposals that our colleagues might have. But the sense of urgency is maximum as we speak, and Eastern Ghouta is under a barrage of fire against civilians.

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