Fight against Daesh [fr]

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The terrorists of Daesh [ISIL] represent a threat to civilians and to countries in the region where they are rife, but also to France, its allies and international security in general. In this context, French forces have been directly engaged in the fight against Daesh since September 2014.

In the United Nations’ eyes, the terrorist acts committed by Daesh in Syria and Iraq are war crimes and crime against humanity. The Security Council has therefore adopted a series of resolutions since 2013 aimed at blocking the group’s funding and activities, for example by imposing an assets freeze or condemning trade transactions with the organization. In September 2014, the Security Council adopted Resolution 2178 allowing more coherent international action against the phenomenon of foreign fighters.

As for France, it is firmly engaged alongside its allies in the international coalition fighting Daesh in Syria and Iraq. For example, France is conducting reconnaissance and identification operations and strikes against the group in Iraq and is assisting the Iraqi authorities in restoring sovereignty over their territory and making the whole country secure.

Dernière modification : 10/03/2015

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