France responds to issues in Mali, North Korea and Syria

Mali / North Korea / Syria
Remarks to the press by Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, Permanent Representative of France to the United nations
8 October 2019

France will continue to support MINUSMA. We think it’s very important. I just want to offer my deepest condolences after the death of a Chadian peacekeeper on Sunday. Number two, the peace agreements are being implemented. This is good news. Obviously more needs to be done and we will be in support. France will be in support, the UN will be in support. Number three, we are very concerned with the situation in the Center region, which is deteriorating, where many incidents are happening. The government of Mali should do more to address that. They have the primary responsibility to fix the situation there. MINUSMA is already there. MINUSMA will be in support, will remain in support, but it’s very important. And last but not least, the G5 Sahel is a very important initiative. We need to support the G5 Sahel. More needs to be done as well. The UN should support and provide sustainable financing for the G5 Sahel, and this is what we will continue to support.

Q : For North Korea, if you don’t mind. You’re having a meeting on North Korea, but given these repeated breaches of the solutions, is it time for the Security Council to take some action on North Korea?

We will meet on the DPRK in consultations at the end of the morning under “any other business”. We will have an exchange of view. We’ll discuss the state of play and expect me and my European colleagues to get back to you with a declaration after that. I will not go into the detail now.

Q : And northern Syria, how concerned are you?

We are pretty concerned with northern Syria. We have heard rumors of Turkish interventions and it brings concerns to us. It could have significant humanitarian impact on this region. We are still very concerned with the fight against Daesh. The global coalition has been doing a great job since 2014. It’s a success and we should not jeopardize a success. Daesh is still present in Syria, in Iraq. The fight against Daesh is not over. We just managed, a few months ago, to win against Daesh in terms of territorial footprint, but Daesh is still there, sleeping cells in Syria, in Iraq and we strongly believe that the fight against Daesh should continue. It’s not over.

I just want to signal to you that on Syria we are very happy today because for the first time in a long period of time we managed to have a united Security Council declaration on the political process which calls for a full implementation of resolution 2254 just after the agreement on the constitutional committee.

Thank you all.

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