France’s committed to achieving Universal Health Coverage

WHO luncheon « World Health Day 2018 – Universal Health Coverage »
Statement by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
United Nations – 6 April 2018

Dear friends,
It is a great pleasure and privilege for my outstanding team and for me to be here with you on this very special occasion as we are celebrating here this afternoon the 70th birthday of WHO - and applaud the work of this wonderful expression of multilateralism that we all strongly and actually more than ever believe in. I would like to take this opportunity to express France’s enthusiastic support to WHO and its work, and to reiterate France’s commitment to achieving one of our key common goals: providing Universal Health Coverage globally by 2030.

Make no mistake about it: this is a fight. This is our common fight, this is actually one of the key fights of our generation, and if we stand together we will win this battle.

Our journey is will engaged. In 2012, the UN General Assembly adopted one of the Oslo Group resolutions - the one on Universal Health Coverage.

Three years later in 2015, Universal Health Coverage became part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, so it’s our common rule, our common compass.

Two years later on December 12th 2017, it was proclaimed Universal Health Coverage Day.

These achievements are immensely important, there are a testament to the growing recognition and multilateral support for UHC, in which WHO has played a key role - and here in New York I really want to thank you Nata, nobody can say no to you and today’s event is a good illustration of it.

You can be proud, my dear friends, of what has been achieved so far but we should also see our gathering today as a chance to reflect and to commit ourselves to what remains to be done.

The goal of UHC 2030 is not only one of the health targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. But it is a driving force if we believe in what we do in our efforts towards building a better and healthier future for people all over the world. And achieving this goal will be a guarantee that, in our efforts, we leave no one behind.

The importance of promoting and ensuring universal access to quality healthcare and to safe, effective and affordable medicines and vaccines may seem obvious. But unfortunately there is still a long way to go. Only a strong common political commitment will enable us together to move forward and to provide Universal Health Coverage globally by 2030.

France will remain at the forefront of international efforts in this direction, hand in hand with all our partners and allies, hand in hand with our friends from WHO. You can count on me here in New York and more importantly you can count on President Macron’s strong commitment to UHC.

Many thanks to each and every one of you and I wish you all a great and wonderful World Health Day.

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