France supports the two-States solution, with Jerusalem as the capital of the two

OSCE / Middle East Peace Plan
Remarks to the press by Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
6 February 2020

Q: OSCE is being discussed this morning, how concerned are you about the ongoing situation in Ukraine?

I think there is hope that some progress can be made and that the N4 process is working well. There is a positive momentum between Ukraine and Russia, so France and Germany as founding members of the N4 just hope that further progress can be made.

Q: Mr. Kushner will be briefing you on his plan, but clearly, on behalf of France and the UE, you will need to make clear, I think, your position. What will you be telling him ?

I think the French position is crystal clear, it remains the same : we support the two-State solution, with Jerusalem as the the capital of the two States. We are supporting this position because we strongly believe that this is the only pragmatic way to resolve the issue.

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