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New York, 8 October 2020

Mr. President,

I thank Special Representative Annadif for his statement and for his leadership of MINUSMA. I also commend the action of ECOWAS and the African Union which, from the very first hours, mobilized themselves in response to the political crisis in Mali.

France welcomes the establishment of the transition in Mali. The authorities in charge of the process have been appointed and we wish them every success. A transition charter has been published. France welcomes the release of the officials detained since 18 August. Finally, we welcome the lifting of sanctions by ECOWAS and join its call for the dissolution of the Comité national de salut du peuple [National Committee for the Salvation of the People].

This transition must lead to the holding of open, free and transparent elections within eighteen months and the restoration of constitutional order. France encourages the new authorities to take advantage of this period to lay the foundations for institutional reform. The aim is to build a stronger and more legitimate democracy, in accordance with the expectations expressed by the Malian people. It is important to include in this process all stakeholders, including women and young people, in accordance with Resolution 2535.

I wish to reaffirm three priorities for the coming months.

First, it is imperative that we continue the fight against terrorism. A new impetus was given last January, following the Pau Summit. At our sides, our Sahelian partners have achieved several successes. Despite the events in Bamako, the Malian army has remained committed. The G5 Sahel joint force is increasingly autonomous and effective. It still needs further support. Terrorist groups know how to adapt. Humanitarian aid and development actions must accompany those carried out in terms of security, in the spirit of the integrated approach carried by the Coalition for the Sahel. France welcomes the mobilisation of the European Union and its Member States.

Secondly, the implementation of the peace agreement must resume without delay. After progress at the beginning of the year, the process has been at a standstill since June. France reaffirms that there is no alternative to this agreement for a lasting reconciliation between Malians. When renewing the mandate of MINUSMA, this Council identified priority actions in terms of integrating former rebels into the national forces, institutional reforms, development of the northern regions and the participation of women. This roadmap is clear and the Malians must seize the opportunity to have MINUSMA available to help them in their task. The participation of the signatory armed groups in the transitional government is an encouraging signal in this regard.

Finally, the third priority remains to stabilise the Centre of Mali. It is imperative that international humanitarian law be respected by all and that the transitional authorities mobilise to establish a framework conducive to dialogue, reconciliation, the fight against impunity and respect for human rights. France notes the opening of investigations into the violence of recent months and encourages the authorities to carry them out independently and impartially in order to bring the perpetrators to justice. In support of these efforts, MINUSMA is continuing its efforts to protect civilians. However, to fully do so, it needs to implement its adaptation plan, including the provision of more helicopters. I call on Member States to respond to this urgent need.

Mr. President,

At this critical juncture, we must reaffirm our support for MINUSMA and the priorities we have assigned to it. We also believe it is important to explicitly invite it to support the transition.

At the end of this meeting, France will propose a draft Presidential statement of the Security Council that includes these elements.

Thank you.

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