French-German initiative regarding refugees [fr]

Migration - Meeting between M. François Hollande, President of the Republic, and the German Chancellor – Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic - Paris, 3 September 2015

M. François Hollande and Mrs Angela Merkel have decided on an initiative regarding the situation of the refugees trying to get to Europe. There is tragedy after tragedy. Thousands have perished since the beginning of the year. The European Union must act decisively and in accordance with its values.

These men and women, with their families, are fleeing war and persecution. They need international protection. It is owed to them. The Geneva Conventions drawn up just after the war make it compulsory for every country. Europe must protect those for whom it is the last hope.

Others are attempting to improve their material conditions by irregular means. They must be escorted back, in a dignified way.

The President and the Chancellor have decided to make joint proposals, as of today, for organizing the reception of refugees and a fair distribution in Europe, bringing standards more in line with each other to strengthen Europe’s asylum system, ensuring the return of illegal migrants to their countries of origin and providing the necessary support and cooperation with the countries of origin and transit.

Dernière modification : 04/09/2015

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