G5 Sahel force needs Security Council political support

Mine Action; G5 Sahel force - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 13 June 2017

It is a very important debate that we are about to have on mines, a very timely debate. As you know, France has been on the forefront of this fight for long. Agnès Marcaillou is doing a super job at the head of UNMAS. French NGOs, as Handicap international, are really extraordinary organizations doing a unique work on the ground day after day.

Q: Ambassador, Sahel force, any closer to scheduling a vote?

On our draft resolution, we are getting close to the end of the negotiations. I can confirm that we have a very strong and large support among the members of the Security Council on this resolution. There is a strong and genuine sense that the Security Council needs to give its strong political support to the G5 Sahel force that will fight against terrorism in the Sahel region. So it’s really about a critically important issue here. This is completely consistent with the dynamics at the UN to support African forces in Africa. It’s a top priority for the African Union and for this region as a whole and there cannot be any doubt that there is a real threat to international peace and security here. This is also what the Secretary General recommended to the Security Council last week very clearly, very explicitly.

So here we are. I can say the negotiations have been very constructive and allowed to enrich our draft resolution and that we now want to conclude them swiftly so we can move forward. We’ll continue to have today high level bilateral consultations with some delegations that still may have some concerns. But again we are getting very close to the end.

Q:Have you met with Nikki Haley since she’s returned from her trip?

I am in constant contact with my colleague and friend Nikki Haley.

Q: Are you still planning to put forward a chapter 7 resolution?

Yes of course.

Q: Is funding for a G5 Sahel force going to be included and if so, how would that actually change the way that the UN deals with peacekeeping operations?

The goal is to have a report from the SG proposing some options about the financing. Again the text is about the fight against terrorism in the Sahel region, it’s about supporting the efforts by our African friends in the fight against terrorism, so it’s an issue where we need the full support of the Security council.

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