Gay Pride on Sunday June 30th [fr]

On Sunday, June 30th, three million people marched in New York to celebrate Gay Pride


Rainbow Pride flags flooded the streets of New York on Sunday June 30th, with 3 million people gathered to celebrate the largest Pride celebration. This Parade – one of the largest in history – celebrated the end of the Pride Month which takes place every year in June.

This year, marchers paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn bar uprisings in Greenwich Village. This event led to the very first mobilization within the LGBTQ community to defend their rights. The French delegation paraded among the UN LGBTQ Core Group to support the right to celebrate all identities.

France has committed to support the LGBTQ cause, fighting against homophobia, transphobia and every other discrimination related to gender and sexual orientation. Let’s act together so that all people may benefit from the same protection, wherever they are, whomever they love.

To find out more, visit the UN LGBTI CORE GROUP website, an informal cross regional group of United Nations Member States to ensure protection of LGBTI persons:


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