Haiti: Renewal of the MINUJUSTH mandate [fr]

Haiti - Renewal of MINUJUSTH mandate
Statement by Mr. Samer Melki, Security Council Deputy Coordinator
Security Council - 12 April 2019

We welcome the adoption of resolution 2466 (2019), which renews the mandate of
the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti for the last time. The text,
which includes a mention of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,
provides the Mission with the necessary means to conclude the tasks that were entrusted to it, implement all the recommendations of the Secretary-General
and enable the Secretariat to expedite the transition to a special political mission focused on providing strategic advice to Haitian authorities, especially the
Haitian National Police. This final renewal of the mandate is not only a new page that is being turned in the relations between the United Nations and Haiti, but a new
chapter altogether. France remains more than ever committed to ensuring success in that regard.

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