Haiti can count upon the full support of France [fr]

Haiti/MINUJUSTH - Explaination of vote by Mr François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council – 10 April 2018


Mr President,

France welcomes the adoption of resolution 2410 (2018), renewing the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Support of Justice in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) for one year and setting the stage for its withdrawal with a view to a transition in October 2019. Until then, MINUJUSTH will pursue its mandate, based on three pillars: strengthening the Haitian National Police, consolidating the rule of law and monitoring the human rights situation. We regret that the Mission did not receive the Council’s unanimous consent, despite the fact that we all support the objective of a stable and prosperous Haiti.MINUJUSTH’s tasks regarding the professionalization of justice and the training of police represent the foundations of long-term stability and the necessary conditions for the economic development of Haiti. We encourage the Haitian authorities to take advantage of this United Nations tool in order to consolidate the country’s stability and improve the people’s well-being.

The prospect of meeting an exit strategy by October 2019 should not paralyse us or affect the remarkable work of men and women currently on the ground. The benchmarks identified by the Secretary-General, including those on the protection of the rights of Haitian citizens, are a compass for guiding the work of MINUJUSTH and the Haitian authorities. It is now incumbent upon the Haitian State to take ownership of those objectives in order to ensure the enduring success of its cooperation with the United Nations. Haiti can count upon the full support of France in that endeavour.

Thank you.

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