“Investing in education is a priority” [fr]

Investing in education is a priority for France. On 1 and 2 February, France will co-host with Senegal, the Global Partnership for Education financing conference.

Quality education is the foundation for improving human beings’ living conditions and sustainable development. The international community has committed to this priority by including in the Sustainable Development Goals an inclusive and equitable quality education for all. While major progress has already been made, further efforts are needed to achieve this goal. The improvement of the countries’ educational systems must be everyone’s concern and France is particularly committed to this subject.

France’s commitment to education
Investing in education is one of France’s top priorities. Since 2009, France has invested an average of 15% of its public development assistance to education and formation.
At the UN General Assembly in New York, in September 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated that the contemporary challenges of the globalization, such as migrations and terrorism, could only met through education.

To this end, France concentrates its actions on two priorities in particular:
- Promote education in areas where there are difficulties
- Improve girls’ education to reduce inequalities between men and women

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE)
Created in 2002, the Global Partnership for Education is the only multilateral body exclusively dedicated to education.
Its action aims at strengthening the education systems of developing countries in order to significantly increase the number of schooled children engaged in an effective learning.

The goal of the Partnership is to mobilize the international community for an increased effort to finance the development of
sustainable and resilient education systems.
To this end, France will co-chair with Senegal on 1 and 2 February 2018, the GPE financing conference for 2018-2020.

This conference aims to bring together the $ 3.1 billion needed for the Partnership to achieve its strategic goals by 2020, including:
- Better results in learning
- Strengthening equity, gender equality and inclusion
- Effective and efficient educational systems

In concrete terms, this amount will finance the implementation of education plans in 67 developing countries, benefiting 870 million children and teenagers.

The GPE in figures :
- 72 million additional children enrolled in primary school since 2002
- 3.1 billion dollars needed to support school enrollment worldwide
- The top 5 beneficiaries of French aid to basic education (2015): Wallis and Futuna, Morocco, Niger, Senegal and Tunisia.

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