La FINUL, une opération décisive au Liban [en]

FINUL/Liban - Remarques à la presse de Mme. Anne Guegen, représentante permanente de la France auprès des Nations Unies - 23 août 2017

"Nous sommes pour une réaffirmation de son mandat et une efficacité optimale de la mission.", Anne Guegen, le 23 août 2017


(en anglais puis en français)

UNIFIL plays a decisive role to stabilize the South of Lebanon and in a very difficult regional context. And it has demonstrated a stabilizing effect in a volatile, complex and troubled environment.

Within the mandate given by Resolution 1701, it has contributed successfully to maintain a situation of general calm in its area of operations and along the Blue line for the past 11 years, since August 2006. So, the tripartite mechanism is particularly useful and recognized as such by the parties.

Though the situation has remained generally calm in the South, it is also still very fragile and volatile. So, therefore, we need to recall the importance for all parties to uphold their commitment to the implementation of Resolution 1701. And we will also continue to support the extension of the authority of the Lebanese State on its whole territory, notably through an increased presence of the Lebanese armed forces in the South.

So, it is of paramount importance for the stability of Lebanon and the region, and in the best interest of all, that UNIFIL keeps its mandate and is in a position to fulfill it, with the full backing and confidence of the Security Council. So, within this framework, we believe that there are margins of improvement for the efficiency of the force.

As every year, France as penholder is committed to play its role to preserve and support the crucial role, the existing mandate and the capacities of UNIFIL. It’s therefore our intention to put forward a resolution to renew the mandate for another year, reaffirming the mission of UNIFIL as well as the obligations of all parties in this regard. As you know, France is engaged in UNIFIL as a TCC, with more than 800 French soldiers under blue helmets. So, we are very committed to UNIFIL and to the stability of Lebanon.

The stability of the country is indispensable and very important for all the Lebanese people of course, for their neighbors as well, but also for the whole region.

Q : So, you are against any amendment today on the UNIFIL mandate at this time ?

We want to keep the mandate as such, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any changes in the resolution.

Q : There is no plan to expand the missions authority or powers, to expand their mandate in anyway ?

We’ll renew and reaffirm the 1701 mandate.

Q : Est-ce que vous êtes favorable à un renforcement des pouvoirs de la mission de l’ONU pour enquêter d’avantage sur le Hezbollah, les trafics d’armes, et cetera ?

Nous sommes pour une réaffirmation de son mandat et une efficacité optimale de la mission. Merci.

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