Lebanon: legislative elections are now the key priority

Lebanon - Remarks to the press by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 11 May 2017

Just two things on the consultations we’re about to have on Lebanon:

The first to tell you that we continue, of course, to encourage the Lebanese leaders to find an agreement that would allow the timely organization of legislative elections. There has been some very important progress in Lebanon over the last months, but one of the key things that needs to be done is really the organization of these elections. So for us this is the number one priority in terms of the political agenda in Lebanon. These elections indeed are the last step to consolidate the state institutions – which is for us a priority –, to keep up the political momentum we have seen since last November so that Lebanon can tackle the challenges at the core of its security and stability. That’s number one.

Number two, we also want to recall the importance for all parties to uphold their commitment to the implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions. And I’m thinking here in particular of resolution 1559. So in coherence with my first message, we will continue to express our support to the extension of state authority on the territory of Lebanon and to the Lebanese armed forces which play a crucial role and, in our view, deserve a renewed support from the international community.

This is an important moment for Lebanon, and it’s important that we the Security Council continue to express our support to this country, that France as you know considers as a very dear and a very special friend of ours.

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