Lebanon needs to keep up the political momentum

Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
17 March 2017

I’d like to say a few things before our consultations on Lebanon.

First, there has been significant political progress in Lebanon since the election of a President and the nomination of the Government. We encourage the Lebanese leadership to proceed with the timely organization of the legislative elections. I think that’s the next important step to keep up the political momentum I was referring to. Indeed these elections can be a major step forward for the consolidation of institutional progress, in the spirit of Lebanon’s democratic tradition.

Second, we also want to recall the absolute necessity to adhere to Security Council resolutions 1701 and 1559. We want to make this perfectly clear, and I will make this point during the consultations. It is crucial for the stability of Lebanon itself and more broadly for the region. So I will propose to my colleagues of the Council elements to the press and I hope they will be adopted and that the President of the Security Council will be able to read them to you after the consultations. I believe it is important at today’s crossroads for the political momentum in Lebanon to show our continuous support to the country, that France considers as a very dear and special friend. And it is also important to reaffirm our full support to Sigrid Kaag’s action, the UN Special coordinator for Lebanon. She is second to none in terms of her commitment and involvement and leadership. So it is important for the Council to support her 100%.

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