Libya : We have to support the future Government - 23 December 2015 [fr]

Security Council - Situation in Libya – Speech by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations – December 23, 2015

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France welcomes the adoption of resolution 2259 (2015). This important resolution lends all the unanimous support of the Council to the Libyan Political Agreement of 17 December, as did several ministers with their presence in Skhirat or Rome.

We pay tribute to the Libyan negotiators who shouldered their responsibilities and who prioritized the interests of their country above personal ambition. They managed to find the compromises necessary to finally offer their compatriots the prospect of ending the crisis. We also congratulate Bernardino León and Martin Kobler, who engaged tirelessly in supporting the negotiations.

The political phase that is coming to an end is not a point of arrival but a starting point. We all know that the coming weeks will be decisive. The United Nations and Member States have a crucial role to play in giving their full support to the future Government, including in terms of security, to stabilize Libya and fight terrorism. France, in particular with its European Union partners, will play its full part. Let us not fool ourselves — the new authorities will soon put to the test by all those who seek to undermine the process. To the latter, we say that there is still time to join the positive dynamic that has been launched, but that if they persist in their obstructionism our Council will soon bring all the consequences to bear.

I take this opportunity to personally commend my five colleagues from Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania and Nigeria who will soon be leaving the Council. We will miss them but they can be proud of what they and their teams have accomplished.I also wish every success in the Council to the new members that will join us on 1 January.
In recent times, the Council has demonstrated its vitality and capacity to act.

We end the year on several notes of hope with the adoption of resolution 2259 (2015), which opens a fragile but genuine path to peace in Libya; resolution 2249 (2015), which embodies our total, collective resolve to eradicate the scourge of Daesh; and resolution 2254 (2015), the first on the political track in Syria since the crisis erupted there. Let us work tirelessly together to nurture these seeds of hope.
If I may so say, let us be inspired by the spirit of Paris — the spirit of resilience and unity that emerged from the terrorist attacks on my country and that gave birth to resolution 2249 (2015) against Daesh.

It was the spirit of Paris, too, that embued the twenty-first session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and made it a success that has been hailed throughout the world and a fine symbol of the multilateral action that we all cherish, in service to the ideals of the United Nations.

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