13 June 2016 - Libya : the Government of National Accord is the sole authority of the Libyan forces

Libya - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 13 June 2016

Q: Are you are going to adopt a resolution on Sophia operations?

A: As we speak discussions among the 15 are ongoing on this resolution. Some countries have expressed some concerns about the draft. So we are working on it very hard. French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault had a phone conversation with Serguei Lavrov on Friday to try to find common ground and to work on it.

Number 2, today is our Secretary-General’s birthday, which is a very good opportunity for France to reiterate our admiration and strong support to the Secretary-General.

Number 3, after yesterday’s attacks, as America’s oldest ally and one of its closest friends, I would like to say that we are heartbroken and that we feel very close to all Americans after these tragic attacks. Let me also reiterate France’s full and heartfelt support to our American friends. We really stand shoulder to shoulder with America in this painful moment.

Finally, one word about the resolution that we are about to adopt on UNSMIL. I hope we will adopt it unanimously. It’s a 6 month renewal and, in the spirit of the Vienna communique, it clearly reaffirms that the Government of National Accord is the sole authority of the Libyan forces. And you remember what I told you [last week]: the unity of Libya and the reconstruction of a state are the two legs on which we must walk. These are really number 1, number 2 and number 3 priorities.

This resolution calls for the mission to reestablish a permanent presence in Libya.

And it’s vital that all Libyan forces unite and join efforts in the fight against Daesh in particular, which is our common enemy.

Q: Is there anything that the Security Council can or will do in response to the attacks in Orlando, particularly regarding ISIS?

A: After the attack, I hope the Security Council will be able to answer properly. I hope there will be a statement coming from the Security Council and able to condemn in appropriate terms yesterday’s attacks.

Q: About the resolution regarding the enforcement of Sophia operation and some concerns, do you still think that the vote will happen this week?

A: I hope we will be able to adopt the resolution this week.

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