MH17: Call for the truth won’t stop - 19 July 2015 [fr]

Vote on the draft resolution concerning the downing of Flight MH17 - Explanation of vote by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 19 July 2015

(UN translation)

I wish to thank Malaysia and the co-authors of the draft resolution and to welcome the Ministers who are honouring us with their presence today.

We deeply deplore the defeat of the draft resolution on the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute persons responsible for the downing of Flight MH-17. France supported this major initiative from the beginning.

The creation of the ad hoc tribunal formed a part of the fight against impunity, one of the Security Council’s priorities. Today we are once again witnessing the calling into question of one of the Council’s major areas of action, one that had until now found consensus among its members. The initiative was also part of the implementation of resolution 2166 (2014), adopted on 21 July 2014 by the Security Council, demanding that those responsible for the tragedy be held accountable for their actions.

Resolution 2166 (2014) marked the unity of the Council in condemning that heinous act. It was also a milestone in clarifying the tragedy, finding those responsible and the demands of justice. The provisions of the draft resolution are by no means revoked by the fact that the draft was rejected today. Make no mistake, the call will continue for the whole truth behind this tragedy to be known, for those responsible to be prosecuted and for justice to be done. The Joint Investigation Team, with which the United Nations is associated through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and whose impartiality the United Nations recognizes, must continue its work. We owe it to the victims, who are vividly remembered.

It is deeply shocking that one year after the disaster, in which, let us recall, 298 innocent civilians perished, the Council is unable to respond to the terrible anguish and concerns of entire nations, as evidenced by the presence here today of several Government representatives of the countries concerned. We therefore deeply regret Russia’s veto.

Today’s vote represents a serious failure for the Council. We must take note of this, but we do not have the right to stop working. We owe it to each of the victims of this tragedy. We owe it to the quest for truth. And we owe it to the values of the United Nations, which must unite us. It is in that spirit that we will soon be called on to continue our work on the follow-up to the international inquiry, which will shortly submit its findings.

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