29 june 2017 - Mali - MINUSMA: unanimous support of the Security Council [fr]

Adoption of MINUSMA mandate - Vote explanation by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 29 june 2017

France welcomes the unanimous adoption today of resolution 2364 (2017), which renews the mandate of the peacekeepers in Mali for one year. France also welcomes the constructive negotiations among the members of the Security Council that led to this important result. With the unanimous adoption of this essential text, the Security Council confirms its resolute commitment and unity with Mali in support of the country and the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). That is an essential point.

Resolution 2364 (2017) strengthens the robust mandate given to MINUSMA by resolution 2295 (2016) in support of the implementation of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali. It is also in line with the new strategic partnership that the United Nations intends to establish with African States and African organizations. Indeed, resolution 2364 (2017) includes two major advances in this respect.

First, the Security Council reaffirms and outlines peacekeeper support for the redeployment of the Malian Defence and Security Forces. Through the resolution, the Security Council is strengthening the logistical and operational support that MINUSMA must provide to the redeployment of the Malian Defence and Security Forces throughout the territory of the country while respecting the Malian Peace Agreement. This is crucial. It therefore sets clear lines of action for MINUSMA to help restore security in Malian territory, particularly in the north and the centre of the country, and to fill the security gap that terrorist groups are known to benefit from. The redeployment of Malian Defence and Security Forces must also facilitate the implementation by MINUSMA of its own mandate. It must therefore contribute to the safety of peacekeepers in Mali, to whom France wishes once again to pay a solemn homage.

Secondly, the Security Council strengthens cooperation between the peacekeepers, the new joint force of the Group of Five for the Sahel (G-5 Sahel) and the French forces. In the spirit of the new strategic partnership between the United Nations and Africa, which I mentioned previously, the Security Council is establishing closer cooperation among MINUSMA, the new G-5 Sahel joint force, for whose deployment the Council expressed support in resolution 2359 (2017), adopted here a few days ago, and the French forces of Operation Barkhane. The Security Council is strengthening the complementarity among those forces on the ground in accordance with their respective mandates. The work of the G-5 Sahel joint force in particular, deployed in the five Sahel States, will help to secure the Sahel region from terrorist groups. It will therefore facilitate MINUSMA’s implementation of its mandate as well as the safety of peacekeepers.

The Security Council has assumed its responsibilities. It now falls to the Secretariat, with the support of Member States and troop- and equipment-contributing countries, to give MINUSMA the logistical and human resources that will enable it to fulfil its mandate even better.

Lastly, I wish to stress how the important it is for the signatory parties to accelerate the implementation of the Peace Agreement as well as the role assigned to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in that regard. Moreover, resolution 2364 (2017) recalls the Council’s readiness to consider sanctions against persons who would impede the implementation of the Agreement.

In resolution 2364 (2017), the Security Council is showing its determination to support the restoration of lasting peace in Mali. It also shows the Council’s determination to support the efforts of Mali and the States of the Sahel region to reduce the terrorist threat. Finally, it shows the Council’s determination to establish a strategic partnership among the United Nations, African States and African peace and security organizations in which the peacekeepers and forces of African States mutually support one another.

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