Mali: To move forward following the presidential election [fr]

Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
19 October 2018

Quelques mots sur la réunion du Conseil de sécurité relative à la MINUSMA qui va se tenir dans quelques minutes.

Le cœur de mon message aujourd’hui, c’est que le Mali a connu un moment important de sa vie démocratique avec la tenue des récentes élections et qu’il importe à présent que tous les acteurs aillent de l’avant, reconnaissent les résultats de l’élection et travaillent ensemble dans un esprit d’unité pour la stabilisation du pays.

La mise en œuvre de l’accord de paix est en effet plus que jamais la priorité des priorités. La dynamique récente est encourageante de notre point de vue. Mais il y a encore beaucoup à faire, d’ici le mois de mars, comme l’a demandé le Conseil de sécurité dans sa dernière résolution, la résolution 2423.

J’ajoute que la situation dans le centre du pays demeure préoccupante. La mobilisation du gouvernement et du Premier ministre, en particulier, est positive. Nous devons dans ce contexte les soutenir et leur donner les moyens nécessaires pour rétablir l’autorité de l’Etat dans cette région.

Voilà en un mot le cœur du message que je vais passer dans une minute.

* * *

The presidential election was an important moment in the democratic life of Mali. It is now crucial that all actors move forward, take stock of the final results recognized by all and work together in a positive spirit for the stabilization of the country.

In this respect, the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement is now more than ever the absolute priority. The recent positive dynamic is encouraging. But a lot remains to be done, and there’s an urgent need for progress, within the 6 months deadline set by the Security Council last June. This will be the core of our collective message today.

Finally, we follow very closely the situation in the center of the country where the latest developments are worrying. We commend and fully support the mobilization of the Malian government and of the Prime Minister in particular. The international community needs to help them and make sure that they have the means they need to establish or reestablish State authority in this region.

These are some of the key messages I will convey publicly on behalf of France in a few minutes.

Q: So no sanctions for now?

A: You heard me several times say that the sanctions are an important tool, and indeed they are. Our position has not changed in this respect and there is concrete work ongoing, but you can understand it is difficult for me to say more at the moment.

Q: On Syria, this summit that is going to happen between Russia, Turkey, Germany and France, is it a diversion from the UN process?

A: There is no doubt in our mind: the UN is front and center. Whatever we do in every venue, like for example the Small Group, has only one goal which is to reinforce the UN leadership role in the Syrian crisis at a moment where we believe that maybe for the first time in 7 years, there is an opportunity to move ahead toward a turning point in the conflict to break the vicious cycle and open a true political process. We think it’s particularly urgent to move forward because at the same time the situation in Idlib is still fragile (...). So we need to move together on the two fronts, to make sure that the Idlib agreement is fully implemented and at the same time, in the same movement to push for reinitiating this political process that we need. And the key in this respect is the establishment of the constitutional committee. That’s why we push hard, through the Small Group in particular, in order for Staffan de Mistura to convene the constitutional committee very soon - the sooner, the better.

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