March 2019: French Presidency of the Security Council [fr]

This will be « joint » presidencies with Germany who will hold the Presidency in April 2019.

Two countries, two followed presidencies in the service of international peace and security.

The rotating Council Presidency

Security Council

Within the United Nations, the Security Council has the primary responsibility, to maintain international peace and security. Security Council decisions are legally binding on all Member States of the United Nations.

The Security Council is composed of 15 Members: 5 permanents members and 10 non-permanents and elected for a 2 year-term.

As a founding member of the UN when it was created in 1945, France holds a permanent seat, where it plays a leading role on many issues.

Security Council Presidency

The presidency of the Council is held by each of the members in turn for one month, following the English alphabetical order of the Member States names.
France will hold the Presidency of the Security Council in March 2019, following Equatorial Guinea, and before Germany who will take the Presidency in April 2019.

The role of the President of the Security Council is critical, it involves calling the meetings, approving the monthly programme of work, preparing and chairing the meetings, releasing decisions, statements and press statements of the Council.

The programme of work prepared by the Member State in charge of the Presidency is adopted by the Security Council the first day of the month. It includes all the scheduled meetings (public meetings, open debates, closed consultations) but also the possible visits of the Council on the ground.

Joint Presidencies for March and April 2019

France, permanent member, and Germany, elected member for 2019-2020, will each take over the presidency of the Security Council::
- France in March
- Germany in April

France and Germany have worked together on coordinated programmes of work.

Their ambitious and complementary programs of work represent our common commitment to multilateralism and are a symbol of the strong cooperation and friendship between both countries

These two months will be the opportunity to focus on top priorities and main values of our two countries and of the European Union, in particular:
- protection of humanitarian personnel and respect of international humanitarian law
- conflicts resolution and commitment to peace
- defense of women rights and a strengthened participation of women in peace processes

It is not a co-presidency: each country will assume its presidency’s prerogatives during its term in accordance with the rules and practices of the Security Council.

German Foreign Ministers Heiko Maas and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drianwill be at the United Nations to promote together several initiatives.

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French presidency of the Security Council
France to the United Nations/Mylaèle Negga

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