Middle East Peace Process: France remains vigilant and committed

Middle East Peace process
Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the UN
24 March 2017

Q : Do you expect any result today?

I believe there is not outcome in the pipeline. This is the report that was asked by Resolution 2334. In this context, we are about to hear Nickolay Mladenov to brief us about the situation in the Middle East, again as requested by Resolution 2334.
You know France’s position. We consider that the two-state solution has never been both as threatened and as necessary as it is today:

- Threatened by settlements and by violence, both identified as the main obstacles in the resolution 2334;

- And necessary because the two-state solution is in our view the only viable political option that answers both the Palestinian need for justice and right to statehood and the Israeli need for security. There is no other option in our view, there is no plan B. And status quo is impossible in the region. Any status quo is a daily regression on the ground and in the minds of people, with respect to radicalization.

So it’s important to hear today what Nickolay will tell us and to continue our discussion among the members of the Security Council on what remains the key priority for us: how to move ahead toward a two-state solution, that we need.

So to summarize, we will remain vigilant and committed.

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