North Korea: Security Council must stay united and firm

North Korea / Syria - Remarks to the press by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 27 February 2017

Just a few words on North Korea before the consultations that we are about to have.

As you know, the latest report from the panel of experts, that should be public soon, shows once again that the North Korean regime continues its methodic effort to develop a nuclear military program and the means to deliver the corresponding weapons. This program remains clearly a threat to regional and international peace and security. And it is a real challenge to the non-proliferation regime. So that’s my first point on North Korea.

Second point: What we need to do in our views against this backdrop is two things: first, it is crucial that the Security Council remains united and firm, both, on this, and condemns all violations of the Security Council resolutions by DPRK, as we did recently after the ballistic missile launch. Second, and this is very important, the Security Council must continue to make sure its latest resolution reinforcing the sanctions regime is fully applied. This is also our responsibility and this is key. All Member States need to fully implement those measures. And in this respect I am encouraged, I’m glad the European Union decided earlier today to implement new restrictive measures against DPRK, based on Resolution 2321 adopted by the Security Council last fall. It’s a very important signal coming from the EU and we need to continue to put collectively maximum pressure on DPRK so that the regime abides by its obligations. So that’s for North Korea.

Maybe one word on Syria:
We will have a vote tomorrow on the UK/France/US sanctions resolution. It is scheduled after the wrap up session. You remember I told you many times that the question was not if we would put this resolution to a vote but when. We believe that the time has come for the Security Council to take its responsibilities and for each and every member of the Security Council to take its responsibilities too. We are very pleased that the new American administration has confirmed it shares completely our view on this and so we are ready to move forward.

Q: Have you had any more discussions with the Russians to try and reach some sort of compromise so they won’t veto?

We’ve had many consultations with the Russians, literally every day. We have left no stone unturned in these discussions and negotiations, and as I’ve told you many times, we consider that the non-proliferation regime is the backbone of international peace and security and is therefore at the core of the responsibilities of the Security Council. And if confronted with such a threat, and worse than that, with such a use of weapons of mass destruction against civilians, the Security Council is not able to act, then what?

Q: Ambassador, what does it mean that the US has joined UK and France on this, why are you happy about it, why is it a good sign?

You know, there is no secret that there is a new American administration and I believe this new administration has come to the conclusion that they had to move ahead with the draft resolution that we together with the British had in mind. And we think it’s good news. Again, not to encourage any division of the Security Council, by the contrary to try to unite the Security Council around the key priority of fighting against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Q: But Mr. Ambassador, you know that the Russians have already said that they are going to veto this resolution, so what is the message going to be?

Until tomorrow we have some hope.

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