25 February 2016 - North Korea: "We’ll have soon unprecedented sanctions"

North Korea- Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 25 February 2016

Q/ Have you seen the draft resolution on sanctions against DPRK ? Do you support it ?

A/ I believe the conditions are now met for a strong and consensual reaction by the Security Council of the United Nations.
We believe we will soon have a resolution establishing unprecedented sanctions to break the cycle of irresponsible behavior by the North Korean regime, and to bring them back to the negotiation table.

That is what France wanted, that is what France wants today more than ever.

Make no mistake : what is at stake here is the future of the international non-proliferation regime that is the backbone of the international peace and security order. And also, what is at stake is the credibility of the Security Council. That’s why these consultations are so important, and that’s why France is fully mobilized on this issue.

Q/ What is the strongest element in this resolution ?
A/ You will see very soon.

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