North Korea : maximum firmness is best antidote to the risk of war

North Korea
Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 22 December 2017

The resolution we are about to vote is a significant step in strengthening and tightening the sanctions against the North Korean regime, which France has called for after the latest ICBM test.

This resolution bites: it strengthens restrictions on petroleum products and workers in particular. In other words, this resolution targets key players at the heart of the regime, aiming at changing the regime calculus. This is what the resolution is all about.

The resolution also sends a strong warning to the regime with a trigger on further oil restrictions if DPRK persists on its dangerous path.

So today’s resolution marks another step in the necessary firmness towards the North Korean irresponsible behavior.
It is not only firmness for the sake of firmness, it is firmness at the service of a political strategy.

This is indeed France’s position: we believe maximum pressure today is our best lever to a political and diplomatic solution tomorrow.
Make no mistake about it, maximum firmness is also our best antidote to the risk of war.

Q: Are you surprised by Russia/China reaction, had they increased their interest in increasing pressure?

(...) The unity of the Security Council says a lot about the fact that the threat coming from North Korea is getting more serious after each passing day.

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