2 June 2017 - North Korea: the Security Council affirms it’s authority [fr]

North Korea - Explanation of vote by Mr François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 2 June 2017

I thank the United States for putting forward resolution 2356 (2017). France welcomes its unanimous adoption. For years, North Korea has been insistently pushing the development of its nuclear and ballistic programmes at the highest levels of the regime. It has been methodically trying to acquire an operational nuclear arsenal at the sacrifice of its own population. Let us be clear: each ballistic launch brings the North Korean regime closer to developing precise and diversified operational military nuclear capabilities. That is progressing at an alarming and ever-increasing rate. At the same time, North Korea possesses other weapons of mass destruction — chemical and biological — a danger that must not be underestimatedThe current situation is greatly fueling tensions on the Korean peninsula. Every country could be within range of North Korean missiles one day. It is therefore a security threat for all countries.

Moreover, it is the entire non-proliferation regime — which underpins our security framework — that is in danger. Despite our repeated warnings, North Korea has flouted every one of the Council’s resolutions and has defied the entire international community. Given the severity and urgency of the threat — one of the most acute threats to international peace and security — there was an urgent need for the Council to express its concern and reaffirm its authority.

France therefore welcomes the unanimous adoption of the resolution proposed by the United States, which makes it possible to reaffirm an unambiguous triple message of unity, firmness and commitment on the part of the Security Council. By this resolution, the Council condemns North Korea’s unjustifiable actions and punishes individuals and entities that are central to the operations of the regime and its programmes, in particular the ballistic-missile programme, and their financing.

The resolution is a determined response as well as a fresh warning. North Korea’s dangerous and irresponsible headlong rush must come to a stop. North Korea must become aware that, if it insists on choosing escalation and provocation, then we will have no other choice but to increase pressure with total determination. France has said that sanctions are not an end unto themselves, but when we are faced with the irresponsible, unjustifiable obduracy of the North Korean regime, there is no other solution today than to stand firm and convince it to return to the negotiating table.

The present situation is the exact opposite of a context of dialogue. It is therefore up to North Korea to sincerely demonstrate through concrete and good faith gestures that it is ready to invest in a negotiated solution and contribute to the easing of tensions in the Korean peninsula. Our objective must remain the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

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