North Korea: the Security Council remains fully mobilized

DPRK - Remarks to the press by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 16 may 2017

On DPRK, we welcome the swift adoption yesterday of a press statement. It’s an important statement because it reaffirms the unity of the Security Council and also its firmness on this critical issue, very clearly and without any ambiguity. So it is a very good statement. It also shows that the Security Council remains fully mobilized, which in itself is very important.

Number two, and as I said yesterday, we need to deal resolutely with the DPRK dangerous and irresponsible obstinacy. We cannot be in a “wait and see” mode until the next provocation occurs. In the same veine, weakness or division are simply not an option. Our credibility and more importantly our collective security are directly at stake here. And that is why today’s Council discussions are important and will hopefully help us show a shared assessment on this critical issue.

Number three, you know France’s position: we are and will remain on the firm side. We consider that it is critically important for the Security Council to assume its responsibilities and to be very firm in terms of both the implementation of existing sanctions, but also tightening the regime of sanctions if necessary.

Q: Ambassador, do you think there should be a new sanctions resolution at this time?

It is a bit early to say, that is the goal of the meeting we are about to have, to see what is the way forward and how can we move forward, all together. And the two key words here are unity and firmness. And based on these two key words we will see how best we can move ahead in terms, especially as I said, of better implementing the existing sanctions, but also in terms, to answer your question, of tightening the sanctions.

Q: But how does this firmness change from previous actions by the Security Council, how is going to be any different?

What is very difficult is that you have an irrational behavior from the leadership but with very rational goals, and our responsabilities, as Security Council, is to answer both; in other words to answer the irrational behavior and to be able with a position of firmness to change the calculus of the North Korean leadership. And that is why, as I said, unity and firness are really two necessary sides of the same coin. The important thing is that the Security Council, faced with such a threat both to regional security and international security, has to be able to assume its responsabilities.

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