North Korea: there is no time to waste

North Korea - Remarks to the press by François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - 5 July 2017

This session is very important after the latest missile launched by North Korea on Tuesday. I want to start by thanking the Presidency, the United States and Japan for having convened this timely meeting.

I hope we can come up with a strong message from the Council - strong in terms of unity and strong in terms of its content - not only to condemn this launch, which is an unacceptable breach of the non-proliferation regime, but also on the way forward.

In this respect, with respect to France, we favor a new Security Council resolution to clearly support tightening and strengthening sanctions against the North Korean regime, based on new operational measures. We consider that there is no time to waste and France will play its whole part in this needed effort.

Q: What should be this new resolution? Just tightening of sanctions or tougher sanctions? An oil embargo? What do you think?

Again I mentioned the two key words: tightening and strengthening sanctions. I think good work has already been done in this direction and now we need to move ahead.

Q: Do you have a text, Mr. Ambassador? Do you have prepared some elements to such resolution?

There is good work in the pipeline so we think it is doable. (...) Faced with such an unacceptable breach to international peace and security, to the nonproliferation regime, there is no choice but to be more united and more firm and that is in our view what should be reflected in the Security Council resolution.

Q: Mr. Ambassador, it is like having a “déjà-vu” with North Korea. There is something that is repeating itself or do you think that now today it is different than before?

That’s a good question, I believe the last launch is in itself a new element in terms of quality, a new threshold that is crossed. And for that reason we think that even more than before we need the unity of the Security Council and the firmness of the Security Council. In terms of threat to international peace and security, if there would be a scale we would be at 5 here, or at 10 if it is a 10 point scale. So it cannot be more serious and that’s why France will work with its colleagues at the Security Council in the direction I just mentioned.

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